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So if you dug through the earth where would you be?
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Essential Anatomy
Like its free sibling, Essential Skeleton, which focusses on...
Essential Skeleton
This app, which has been designed from the ground...
Challenge Chalk and Talk – Vive Le Video
Long gone are the days of chalk and talk,...
Grammar, punctuation & spelling – Specimen SATs Questions
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The Ubiquity of Apps – An Opportunity in Education
It’s difficult to think about a world without apps,...

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In recent decades comparison has been at the forefront of educational change.  Since the creation of the league tables in 1992 schools have been ranked with the aim of helping contribute to education excellence.  The stated aim was to “give parents the consumer information they needed to create a free market in school choice”. This …[ read more ]

April 13th, 2013
Captain Duck


Jez Alborough is the master of rhyme; his stories are always engaging and fun.  Influences include A.A. Milne, Dr Seuss and one of my favourite rhymes – Albert and the Lion by Marriott Edgar. The coupling of a fun story and bright and colourful illustrations easily made this worthy of three stars; Matt Lucas as …[ read more ]

The Big Bang Fair proved to be a great inspiration.  The largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK certainly lived up to its explosive name. At school the subjects which engaged me were arts based – English, music and art were particular curriculum favourites.  The twists and turns …[ read more ]

April 5th, 2013
The Icky Mr Fox


A cheeky story with fun characters, this was a real hit!  Great contrast all the way through made for an engaging story. In a comforting fashion, the story started, with Mr Rabbit and Mr Mole drinking elderflower tea.  Meanwhile…Icky Mr Fox was lurking above ground ready to ‘dig deep’ for his tea! This sense of …[ read more ]

April 5th, 2013
Chicktionary HD


Initially purchased to help with my son’s word and letter knowledge, I am ashamed to say that the two adults in our house played it more than he did! A row of 7 chickens line up with a letter on each rounded feathered tummy!  When you click on a letter the chicken lays an egg …[ read more ]

Age range: Years 3-6 Refreshing to see a grammar resource that is fun and engaging.  Characters take you on adventures, testing your grammar skills along the way.  Grammar Wonderland is a challenging game which covers grammar terms from Levels 3-6.  If this was cross referenced with the UK curriculum I would have given it 5 …[ read more ]

Casting my mind back to the 1980s, I have been trying to remember how I was taught grammar and punctuation at school.  Learning by rote, times tables and Bond papers all featured but I can’t recall being taught: how, why and when to use grammar and punctuation. From memory, exciting times in primary school consisted …[ read more ]

April 3rd, 2013
Paddington Bear


I was so delighted to find Paddington as an app.  The joy of this resource is that it hasn’t been tinkered with and is true to the original.  Michael Bond’s beautifully told story and R.W. Alley’s detailed and colourful illustrations are as appealing as they were in the 1970s. After my first impressions (being delighted to find …[ read more ]

Revised criteria for assessment of writing – 2013.  Useful document for teacher assessment of writing at Key Stage Two.  Click the image below:    …[ read more ]

An amusing, inspiring, gross and generally entertaining journey through some weird and wonderful ‘foods’.  Stefan Gates was very engaging at the Big Bang Science & Engineering Fair; he took the audience through his weird and wonderful experiences and scientific knowledge of food. Well worth a watch on CBBC.  Click on the picture below to go …[ read more ]

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