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App by:
Mc Graw Hill
£1.99 (Free Lite version also available)

Reviewed by:
On April 5, 2013
Last modified:April 5, 2013


A challenging game which covers grammar terms from Levels 3-6 that is refreshing, fun, and engaging.

Age range: Years 3-6

Refreshing to see a grammar resource that is fun and engaging.  Characters take you on adventures, testing your grammar skills along the way.  Grammar Wonderland is a challenging game which covers grammar terms from Levels 3-6.  If this was cross referenced with the UK curriculum I would have given it 5 stars – what a fabulous resource!  If you are using this to support the new grammar and punctuation test in Year 6 – check terms of reference in National Curriculum.

Practice Skills Section

In the Practice Skills Section players can choose a skill and level.  Skills cover: nouns, verbs and adjectives.  Although this coverage sounds basic, for extra challenge, this is then subdivided into grammar types e.g. common, concrete and abstract nouns. Levels vary from easy to expert.

The space theme and fun characters are not the only entertaining features. The games themselves require a level of skill which allows you to enjoy the game as well as honing your grammar skills.  For example:

Swipe the freeze dried space food to feed the space polar bear

  • The message at the top of the screen will tell you what you’re looking for e.g. correct plural noun or common noun
  • You then need to choose from the freeze dried food capsules floating in the space ship
  • Each capsule contains a different answer
  • Swipe the correct one
  • The polar bear will only eat the correct choice

Guide the plane to the correct answer avoiding the airships, floating jellyfish and gusts of wind.

  • A command appears at the top of the screen e.g. Find the adjective
  • The player tilts the Ipad from left to right to avoid obstacles and hit the correct answer

Educational value

  • Pitched really well (Years 3-6)
  • A good shared resource which siblings can share due to differing difficulty levels

Ease of use

  • Games simple to use – content may need further support/explanation
  • Good fun to play

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