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It’s always great to look back 20 years or...
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Just like in the cartoons if you dug down...
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Review of: Essential AnatomyApp By:: 3D4Medical.comVersion:iPad (not iPad 1)Price:£13.99Reviewed...
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Review of: Essential SkeletonApp By:: 3D4Medical.comVersion:iPad (not iPad 1)Price:FreeReviewed...
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Long gone are the days of chalk and talk,...
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With 11 year olds taking new SATs this week...
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The TED series of talks and their website is...
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New technology surrounds us; our lives are now managed...
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The use of apps in education is an important...
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It’s difficult to think about a world without apps,...

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Does boredom help to stimulate creativity?  Switch off the iPad/CBBC, cancel those back to back outings and play dates and find out … if you dare!

An interesting article which rings true during the holiday season.  Also a great website with some quirky and educational games.

Click on the image below to go to the BrainBox website to see…

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