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innov8-Ed aims to curate & create thought leadership, inspiration and and discussion in the future of education.

Education is fundamental at a global, national, community, and individual level.  It is key to unlocking opportunities, prosperity, and for social cohesion and is something that we all experience to a greater or lesser extend as a part of our personal development as a person.  We live in a time where technology and innovation offers many opportunities but also challenges the way in which we have approached education to date.

innov8-Ed aims to provide a space where we can bring together ideas, innovation, and resources to provide inspiration for the education community.  We will be finding these inputs from not only the education sector but other sectors, not only from the UK but from wider afield, and not only practitioners directly in the traditional context of education but from players in the wider developing education ecosystem.  Our one aim is to build on the present and past successes in a forward looking way.

Over time we aim for innov8-Ed to develop and evolve itself with the aim of bringing in external contribution and engendering inclusive discussion.

The key contributors are:

Sheina Wright, Co-Founder & Editor

I have been in education for 15 years.  In that time I have worked in a number of roles whilst being a full time teacher in the Primary Phase.  Achievement is a key driver for me.  Being the best you can be is so important; my motivation is to inspire and be inspired.  Throughout this website I would like to share: resources, ideas, opinions and developments in the curriculum and beyond.

My specialist area is English for which I am incredibly passionate. I am also very interested in curriculum development, innovation and technology.

My background:

  • Full time teacher (KS1 & 2)
  • Director of Studies (KS1 & 2)
  • Head of English (KS1 & 2)
  • Department for Education – Teacher Review Panel – KS2 Reading, writing and grammar and punctuation
  • NFER – marker and team leader KS2 optional tests & Year 7 English – Teacher Review Panel (setting thresholds)
  • AQA marker – Year 6 SATs

It is my belief that bright and motivated subject specialists with passion, innovation and creativity are the key to excellent teaching and learning in the primary phase.  In education, whether as pupil or teacher, we must: motivate, inspire, achieve.  Aspire to achieve, to be the best you can be, this is the key to engaging and lifelong learning.

Adrian Furner, Co-Founder & Contributing Author

Adrian Furner ~ innov8-EdThroughout 25 years in various senior and board level positions in industry people were key to success.  Core to my leadership style is the belief that you need to both, acquire the best talent you can, and develop and extend your existing talent.  We live in an age where the ability to change and adapt with pace and agility is fundamental and therefore education and competency development is a fundamental enabler.

In addition to innov8-Ed I’m the founder of Kommercialize where I’ve brought together my functional experience with my passion for innovation to help organisations address the increasingly important area of commercial innovation.

I’m a member of both the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) where I’m a former member elected board member and an honorary fellow.  My background is in engineering and business gaining a BEng from the University of Nottingham, and also completing the London Business School Corporate Finance Programme along with executive education programmes at both Wharton Business School and Oxford Saïd Business School.

I’m a regular contributor and speaker on topics such as “Commercial Agility – the role of risk in creating adaptive agility”, “Collaboration in order to exploit the opportunities of co-developing with suppliers to achieve true innovation” and “Commercial Innovation and Agility”.